Some good advice …

… for folks who open carry.

6 Responses to “Some good advice …”

  1. Breda says:

    I thought it was illegal to drink and carry (both concealed and open)?

  2. Sebastian says:

    Not in Pennsylvania.

  3. vinnie says:

    I have to drive home anyway so no booze.

  4. Breda says:

    Hm, interesting. In Ohio, you can’t carry in a place that serves alcohol, even if you’re not drinking.

  5. Sebastian says:

    No law against bar carry here, or drinking while carrying. However, if you were to be found drunk while armed, very strong likelihood you’ll get your licensed revoked. Our licenses are only 90% shall issue. On matters of being a “habitual drunkard” or having a “character or reputation such that you would likely act in a manner dangerous to public safety” the sheriffs have some discretion to revoke, and I highly doubt that any LTC holder having a law enforcement encounter while drunk and armed is going to find much sympathy from the courts when they challenge the revocation.

  6. Jared McLaughlin says:

    Yeah, I’ve open carried in bars around Pittsburgh. I’ve also pretty much stuck to soda, water or orange juice. Note that I’m not a regular bar-goer so these were outside the norm situations. I don’t see why it’s illegal in other states.