Great Article on Women Getting LTCs

From the Times Leader:

Many women won’t leave the house without a purse or lip gloss. But for others, like Barb Smith of Sugarloaf, the daily routine includes something more.

A handgun.

Smith carries the gun during her long commutes to a local hospital — for protection, she said. The side roads she takes to shorten her drive don’t give her a good feeling, but knowing she has her handgun makes her feel secure.

There are between 17,000 and 20,000 license-to-carry firearms permits in Luzerne County though Sheriff Michael Savokinas said he does not know how many have been issued to women. The county’s application for a permit to carry a gun asks for the applicant’s gender but Savokinas said there is no way to determine the number of women with permits because of a recent computer problem.

Some area gun shop owners have noticed an upward trend in the number of women who are buying guns and seeking permits to carry the weapons for self-defense.

Read the whole thing.  We’re doing pretty good if my only real complaint about the article is that they misspelled Beretta.  I’m almost ready to say I think the media is getting better about our issue lately.

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