Happy President’s Day

The good thing about today is that both Bitter and I have off from work, so we get an extra day.   The bad news is, even if I didn’t have off from work today, I’d probably be taking off sick anyway, because the cold I came down with while camping made me toss and turn all night, so I feel like crud this morning.

3 thoughts on “Happy President’s Day”

  1. Happy Washington’s Birthday. I wish that we could go back to celebrating Washington and Lincoln’s birthdays as separate holidays, even if one of them (Lincoln) wasn’t a federal holiday. I don’t want to celebrate all of the presidents equally. Besides, if MLK’s birthday gets its own recognition, shouldn’t the first president, who also led the Continental Army that defeated the British AND lead the Constitutional Convention have his own day. One could also make an argument that Lincoln did more for African-Americans than did MLK (not taking anything away from MLK).

  2. At least you get the day off. We get MLK day off, but not President’s day. Figure that one out.

  3. Nothing to figure, just racism flowing the other way. Don’t know why we can’t all just be people, but it doesn’t seem we can.

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