Obama’s Dour Optimism

Victor Davis Hanson has a pretty good read up here:

I was watching on television last week both Barack Obama and his wife Michelle speak about the supposedly depression-like conditions in the US, and a people strapped by students loans, near hungry, and without hope of betterment. Neither said anything of substance, though both were engaging, effective speakers. Still, never has so much talent been invested in saying so little.

If you were to believe them, we are in a sort of “It’s A Wonderful Life,” Frank Capra-era housing depression, not a boom-and-bust cycle where for the last five years, rival television shows proliferate on “flipping” houses (in which strapped investors and rookies borrow against rising equity to put in granite counters and stainless steel appliances for quick flip sales).

I am sincerely hoping that Americans begin to see through the flowery rhetoric soon, because the message Obama is pushing, very eloquently, is one of 1930s America.  It’s not a message for the 21st century, and I hope voters will soon see that.

Found via Instapundit.

UPDATE: Actually this was via Clayton Cramer.  I opened it up to blog, and forgot where I got it from, and somehow recalled it was Insty, I guess since he links VDH so often. Either way, it’s what happens when you have about 100 blogs on the RSS feed.

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