ASA Brief Online

Academics for the Second Amendment has submitted their brief, and it is now online here. Dave Hardy, who is the Attorney of Record on the brief, says he’s pretty tired after all that, and I think we all owe him a debt of gratitude for helping put this brief together, and for all the academic work he and his colleagues have done over the years that has helped lay the groundwork for this. One way you can say thanks is by donating to ASA. I think it’s the least we can do.

UPDATE: Let’s not forget that Clayton Cramer also lent assistance to this brief as well.

UPDATE: I read the whole thing.  I think it’s devastating to many of DCs arguments.  It’ll take quite a tangle of intellectual knots the court will have to contort for itself to rule in favor of any kind of collective rights viewpoint.

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  1. This was a surprisingly long process to write. Dave did the heavy lifting, but Joe Olson and I also made substantial contributions. Remember that because I am not an attorney, I don’t actually get my name on the brief itself–so I was pleased that they were able to list me the way that they did.


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