Bitter Takes on Mudcat

John Edwards’ snake oil salesman rural liaison, Mudcat Saunders, agreed to answer reader questions, but I’m guessing wasn’t counting on Bitter entering the fray.  She caught some interesting flack from an undecided voter, who apparently was mostly concerned over whether John Edwards hunted and had guns in his home.  Bitter had this to say:

However, Sherri, I would consider that you look at previous Edwards statements to address your concerns. The number of guns he owns is irrelevant. John Kerry owns guns, but in his home state, the cost is so high to be approved for even a round of ammunition that many hunters who don’t bring home large salaries have either given up their guns or risk owning them illegally while they use what’s left of their ammo. Gun ownership is still legal, but they have effectively made it impossible for anyone outside of the middle class and higher to do legally.

The folks who wish for a candidate who is sufficiently pure on the second amendment need to realize that there are a lot more of these types of ignorant voters out there than there are of us, and that’s exactly the kind of person that Mudcat Saunders is after.  If we are not also evangelicals for the second amendment, we’re doomed.  Ignorance is the brick wall we hit that limits what second amendment advocates can accomplish politically.

Bitter says she’ll let us know if Mudcat ever come back to answer the questions, but I’m guessing , like a snake oil salesmen who starts getting townspeople screaming at them that it gave them hives, he’s split town in a hurry.

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