The Lion Slipper Murderer

Allentown police caught this guy, who is charged with two counts of  murder:

Torres was driving on Turner Street Friday afternoon when he was pulled over by police and arrested. He was wearing a hooded sweartshirt with a skull-head pattern on it, pajama bottoms and fuzzy lion-faced slippers at the time. He was still wearing the get-up when he was arraigned after midnight at Lehigh County prison.

Follow the link for the picture.  I’m going to be, probably not the first to say, that this whole wearing pajamas in public fashion has now officially gone way too far.

3 Responses to “The Lion Slipper Murderer”

  1. chris horton says:

    He’s got his “Lions Share” or maybe “Eyes of the Tiger,”

    How about his “Bottom is Blue” or What a Numb “skull.”

    Either way, what has the world of “Hood” lum Fashion come to?!

  2. Alcibiades McZombie says:

    That’s quite a picture. I’d expect only psycho-killers to dress eccentrically.

  3. BobG says:

    That’s what the well-dressed badass is wearing these days? Color me unimpressed…