Good Work in Nebraska

Joe is asking folks to call and e-mail their state senators, and has a list.  This is a pretty bad and broad ban on so-called assault weapons.  Even if you don’t live in Nebraska, if you live near Nebraska, shoot in Nebraska, or have some kind of tie to the state, call.

Bitter notices in an unrelated article that legislators in Nebraska are feeling the heat from NRA members over proposed gun control measures.  Good!  It’s how this is going to go down in flames.

One thought on “Good Work in Nebraska”

  1. Sebastian, this is so much worse than an AWB.

    LB958 will create a panel that will meet every two years to decide what guns are ‘inherently too dangerous” and need to be banned.

    Sure, it’s ARs and AKs this time. Next time, the panel may decide that anything GLOCK 27 or smaller is too small and inherently dangerous.

    Next time, the panel may decide that anything larger than .380 is too inherently dangerous. Oh, and bolt-action “sniper” rifles need to go, too.

    An AWB is just the beginning, lads and lasses.

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