Ruger Getting All PC Again?

Apparently Ruger doesn’t want to include evil black versions of its venerable 10/22 in their photo contest.  I’m not believing they don’t have any, since there are several stocks out there for doing such a thing.  Ruger doesn’t exactly have a stellar history of standing up (see “Controversy” section) when the anti-gun groups get uppity.  If Ruger wants to remain politically correct, that’s fine, but they will continue to lose money in that case.  They’ve put out some impressive products lately, but gun owners support companies that support them.  By pretending black rifle shooters aren’t doing mods for the 10/22, they are feeding the notion that these types of rifles aren’t normal, and that does no one a favor.

5 thoughts on “Ruger Getting All PC Again?”

  1. Bill Ruger’s sellout of gun owners on these type of guns is a major reason why I own Savage rifles rather than Rugers. I’ve never been enamored of their stance on trying to satisfy gun controllers at the expense of those who purchase their products.

  2. I did look through it, and there are some black guns, and one rifle with an extended magazine.

    But Ruger’s policies are pretty much why I buy Taurus wheelguns these days.

  3. Every time I think of buying a Ruger I don’t. There’s something clunky and off-putting about them, from the single-action sixguns (close but no banana) to the blocky semi-autos – something just ain’t right. And then I’m reminded by this kind of nanny-state knowitall behavior.

  4. I have just bought a stainless and black 10/22 and very nice it is , why make one if they are ashamed of it . Could it be that it’s a good earner ?

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