3 thoughts on “Mitt Takes Michigan”

  1. You and I appear to be the last remaining people on earth who grasp that Romney is not much of an upgrade from McCain or Giuliani. Even Huckabee, who is otherwise an enormous fraud, is superior to Romney on guns.

    I fear I’m going to find myself sitting out this election, alas, because the GOP seems determined to nominate someone who I would sooner walk over broken glass than vote for.

  2. Romney isn’t any upgrade to McCain or Rudy. McCain is an upgrade to Romney in a pretty bit way, and Rudy still edges him out for simple predictability and political awareness. The Huckabeast is probably about the same as Romney, though he might score a little higher with Rudy because of predictability.

  3. Being in Michigan, I’ve been watching it really closely. I found this article, which shows the breakdown by county. The more established areas voted Romney, the rest mostly voted McCain. I blame that mostly on a populace that (like most places) doesn’t really know about the candidates, but voted based on who his father was.

    My big question was what role Democrats would play, with their primary being so useless. Turns out they accounted for 7% of the vote, and voted 41% McCain, 33% Romney. Source here. I was guessing they would either vote for the person they most wanted from the Republican pool (McCain) or the one they thought had the worst chance of winning the election (Thompson or Paul.)

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