Go McCain!?!?

John McCain sucks, which is why when I found myself rather happy that he won New Hampshire, rather than Mr. Satan Hair, I soon had to ask myself what this country is coming to, that I’m now happy a man I said I’d never vote for is poised to make a come back. But yeah, I’ll get on the McCain Train if the alternative is Romney or Mr. Jesus Preacher.

You can stick a fork in Fred folks. I say that because New Hampshire voters should have been receptive to his ideas, and it’s not like he ignored the state like Rudy did. Countertop isn’t feeling it for Fred either anymore:

Its sad. I’ve tried hard, I wasted money, I’ve reached out to folks at all levels of his campaign (from Chief of Staff and Press Secretary to former hill staffers, law partners, neighbors, etc) and I’ve been unable to get past any “initial enthusiasm.”

Its a scam. As if he signed all these people up and assumed they would work with no direction.

We are electing a leader, if he wants it, Thompson needs to lead

It’s a legitimate criticism. I like Thompson’s philosophy on government, a lot, but it won’t make a whit of difference if he can’t get his act together. My fear at this point is the non-evangelical faction of the Republican Party fractures on multiple candidates, and hands the nomination to Huckabee, who has evangelicals locked up.

I think the more libertarian leaning factions of the Republican coalition need to start thinking about getting behind a single candidate, otherwise we might hand the nomination to Huckleberry.

6 Responses to “Go McCain!?!?”

  1. Spence says:

    IMO Fred’s problem was that he doesn’t seem to be that motivated and didn’t really care if he won. This isn’t just going to fly. He was definitely not well received here in NH. I am glad that the circus has left town. The best part was that the Kucinich headquarters and the Paul headquarters were a couple of doors away from each other, right across the street from the COOP (and UPS store) in Concord. You would not believe the geeks, trolls, and mutants coming out of those places, but hey at least they get involved and care! What I can’t figure out is where all of the money for Paul was coming from since he couldn’t even beat Rudy here.

    BTW, Bitter is right, you can’t understand how strange looking, sounding, and small Kucinich is in person. (but his wife is hot..for a commie)

  2. guy says:

    “getting behind a single candidate”

    Who? Name one candidate that a libertarian could vote for without not only holding their nose, but donning a full-on respirator to do so.

    If Fred and Paul are out the choice is between socialist(R) or socialist(D).

    Some choice.

  3. Sebastian says:

    Well, the alternative might be saying “President Huckabee” or more likely “President Clinton” (or Obama, take your pick, they are both equally bad).

  4. dwlawson says:

    SC is the make or break for Thompson.

    Funny what a difference 2 centuries make. Candidates used to have to appear disinterested. Madison had to be cajoled into running and coerced into making any campaign appearances.

    Now they have to puppy up to the media or be maligned as not wanting it enough.

  5. chris horton says:

    Nobody is mentioning the McCain-Feingold debacle. And they want him as our next leader? ” Mr. Reform,” Yeah ,ok!

  6. Ian Argent says:

    Fred Thompson voted for McCain-Feingold…

    OTOH, I believe that he has since repudiated that vote.

    Agreed that SC is make/break