Call Me Ahab Roundup

Ahab has a few good things up today. First, apparently FN is giving away free ammo if you buy a Five-Seven. Good, the ammo for that is frigging expensive and hard to find.

Apparently they are considering a lead ammo ban in Arizona too. They said they were going to try a few months ago after it passed in California. As I said previously, let the condors go extinct already. It’s their time.

In the solutions in search of a problem department, apparently you can get a black powder AR-15 upper in .50 caliber. The cartridge is modified to take a shotgun primer.  Ut’s the cartridge that’s the ignition source, and gets ejected after the shot is fired. A versatile indeed! I suppose you could go out hunting with it, but I would think you’d be spending a lot of time talking to the game wardens if you head out during muzzle loader season with that rifle :)