Senator Crapo’s Hold

Senator Crapo explains the hold he’s put on the Sullivan confirmation:

I recently had the opportunity to meet with Acting Director Sullivan to inform him of multiple concerns that I have had in recent years with BATFE treatment of small firearms dealers. Mr. Sullivan conveyed his belief that BATFE is fair and impartial in its treatment of these businesses, and only revokes federal firearms licenses when it has no other options. I am not satisfied with Mr. Sullivan’s response.

I’m not pleased either.  The question is, will he look into this for real or keep pretending there’s no problem?  I have no doubt this is what his underlings are telling him, but pretty clearly he’s not too interested in digging deeper.  Sullivan remains in charge of the ATF even with his confirmation on hold, so I don’t know how much incentive he’s going to have to kowtow.

One thought on “Senator Crapo’s Hold”

  1. It’s pretty clear to me that from his point of view there really is no problem, Sebastian. What is happening is what he wants to happen. Trying to “educate” him on this, just like the effort to “‘educate’ Romney on assault weapons bans” efforts I’ve seen on another gun board, are pointless. He knows. He knows, and he is pleased.

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