Huckabee and Obama

Shoot me now!  Please.  The sadder part is that there are probably at least a dozen other permutations that would cause me to say the same thing.  The only real hope in this whole sad affair is that Iowa often has a habit of not predicting the overall winner.

3 Responses to “Huckabee and Obama”

  1. Linoge says:

    ‘Bout the only good thing I can say about Huckabee is that he knows what he believes in, and he stands by it strongly. No wishywashy there.

    Otherwise… Blah.

  2. SandH says:

    Yeah…..but that didn’t stop me from laughing myself silly at the look on Hillary’s face. ;-)

  3. Brad says:

    Two things I like coming out of Iowa: Hillary coming in third and Guiliani finishing near the bottom. This will hopefully ruin any chance of a three-way New York fustercluck between Hillary, Rudy, and Mike Bloomberg.

    I’m totally convinced Bloomberg will run, especially with the GOP field being so un-inspiriing.