Improving Georgia’s Carry Laws

As I’ve said before, I generally find myself being the damned yankee that complains about restrictive carry laws in The South, particularly in the onerous number of “off limits” places.  Georgia is looking to remedy that with HB 915:

GCO fully supports the Second Amendment Protection Act of 2008, introduced today by Rep. Timothy Bearden, D. 68.  GCO’s top legislative priority for 2008 is the passage of HB 915.

Do you know:

Georgia has more places off limits to carrying a firearm than California. In fact, Georgia has more places off limits to carry than any state in the nation. Shocked, surprised, disgusted? Fed up? Finally ready to do something about it?

Sounds good to me.  Now if we can pass this, maybe we can convince Tennessee to ditch carry restrictions on federal lands, and state parks.   Same for Florida too, for that matter.

Conservative Sacalawag [wants to know where the NRA is with all of this]*.  I would imagine they’d be behind lifting carry restrictions, as they have been in many other states, but I suspect we’ll see more movement on this after the holidays.

* Link dead

4 Responses to “Improving Georgia’s Carry Laws”

  1. Michael says:

    Sebastian, I know the NRA is active with HB 89, which is the parking lot carry bill and I applaud them on that. All I am saying it would be nice to see them move on this sooner, instead of later. I know the GOA is giving support and do hope the NRA does as well. It would just be nice to hear from them.

  2. straightarrow says:

    I suspect the NRA will try to determine who is going to win the debate and then way in on that side in “spirit of compromise”.

    Buy hey, all I have to go on is their record.

  3. Michael says:

    Trolling through my Sitemeter, I found where the NRA visited me, reading only the post on HB915. Hopefully, this will inspire them to join us on Jan. 10th at the steps of the Georgia capital, in a show of support along with the GCO and GOA.

  4. random says:

    that quote isn’t actually true, as illinois and wisconsin don’t allow any form of carry.


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