Bryan Miller’s Latest

I see Rustmeister has beat me to blogging about it. I’ll have more to add later.

UPDATE: Looks like he’s calling out Zendo Deb for this post.  Of course, you’d think in a post where he’s pointing out the testosterone charged nature of concealed carry holders, he’d pick someone who’s body actually produces a fair quantity of the substance.

5 Responses to “Bryan Miller’s Latest”

  1. thirdpower says:

    Ah. Ad Hominems, insults, and outright lies. The staples of the anti lexicon.

  2. Brent G says:

    Sebastian, you crack me up. Too many of the antis, frankly, are a quart or two low on testosterone. Chalk it up to the de-masculinization of our culture, I guess.

  3. Rustmeister says:

    Wish I’d have made the Deb connection. :-)

  4. Guav says:

    He asks what the “assault pistol” Miller is talking about refers to. Oh, well let’s let the Brady Bunch explain what the shooter used: a MAC-10 semi-automatic machine pistol.

    Got that? It was “semi-auto” … and a “machine pistol.”

  5. Guav says:

    Furthermore, the tragic murder of Bryan’s brother happened while the AWB was in effect, and it happened in DC, where guns were already illegal anyway.