Feds Fire Shot Across Bow of I80 Toll Plan

They’ve rejected Pennsylvania’s application, and are demanding justification.   Good.

5 Responses to “Feds Fire Shot Across Bow of I80 Toll Plan”

  1. Yup, I got email from Jake Corman yesterday about that. Eddie’s toll would have destroyed the economy of the corridor and the surrounding area.

    Let Philly pay for their own subway.

  2. Sebastian says:

    It seems awfully unfair to ask those parts of Pennsylvania, which are already economically depressed as it is, to pay for the rich part of the state’s mass transit.

  3. chris horton says:

    I drive tractor-tanker everyday to pay the bills. In 10 yrs. I’ve used Rt.80 maybe 5 times, tops.That road sucks for the most part from end to end.(Most do all over Pa)

  4. Alcibiades McZombie says:

    I thought Route 80 had relatively good roads (save work crew backups).

    There was a minor problem with groundhog roadkill. The damn things like to sun themselves on the pavement.

  5. Mark says:

    Toll the Sure-Kill Expressway in Philadelphia, the Parkway East in Pittsburgh and all of the roads (expressway, interstate, US, state etc.) in Harrisburg.

    Let “representatives” show the way.

    Or … Let the mass transit systems pay their own way. If not enought paying customers use them, let them go the way of the inter-urban trolley systems.