Improvements in LTC System

Looks like the state is looking to make some improvements in the License to Carry application process, so make it more standardized and quicker. This looks overall positive to me.  We need more standardization. As it stands, our Sheriffs often like to use processes for application that are out of line with general practice in the state. For instance, Montgomery County gives you a “police card” to take to your local PD and get them to sign off on the application. They will do same day issue, but the process isn’t nearly well defined enough under state law, and more standardization I think can only be a positive thing.

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  1. The concept sounds good, but I always get nervous when the government says they are going to ‘standardize’ something that alreay mostly works okay.

    How about they do something really wonderful, like require eight hours of training before a CCW can be applied for. What… no training available? Aww…. tough. What… the training costs $400? Awww…. thats a shame. No license for you!

    How about they standardize on the Philly style of CCW, where only those politically or mob connected ever get a license?

    How about they require a police interview before issue, and those are available every forth Tuesday at 1am, but only during a full moon and if it’s raining.

    On the other hand, how about they standardize it to my counties standards (Lancaster) , and everyone gets a fair shake like we do here? That would be kinda kewl, especially as it would severly crank up the anti-rights folks in Philly.

  2. They can only standardize so far as the law allows, which does not authorize training. Plus, Philly is shall-issue just like the rest of the state.

  3. Delaware is looking to make a change to ours as well, by extending the duration of the permits. Unfortunately it’s not the major change we need (getting rid of may issue)

    Frankly I don’t think of this as a positive change for DE at all, since the process is already overly expensive.

  4. Philly is a horrible place to get a permit. Also, they require fingerprints in Philly. I’ve never been printed in my life, and have a permit from before I moved to Philly. Unless they change the fingerprinting requirement in Philly, I’ll move out before my permit expires. Yes, it’s that big a deal to me.

  5. I realized I used “permit” instead of “license” – waiting for the LTCF nazis to swoop in..

  6. Hey Sebastian,

    Where do you find the article that stated that the Commonwealth of PA is trying to “ease up” or standardize the way we get our LTC Permit? Here’s a side note, I went about a week ago to get my LTC in Philly, get fingerprinted (water was used with a special maching) and they told me it would take about 8 weeks before I get something in the mail???!!! What the heck!!!!!!!!!

  7. I fixed the article to include the link. Sorry, I forgot to put the link in!

    I seem to recall 45 days is the statutory period of time they can take, which would amount to about 6 weeks. My understanding is Philly won’t issue until they get close to the limit.

  8. Thanks for the update. The “8 weeks” that they told me is probably some “canned info” that they tell everyone. Thanks for the update with the article!

  9. The last time I renewed my license in Philly (about 8 years ago), they took nearly 6 months to renew my license. I began the process about three months before my license expired. I had three months with no LTCF.

    I checked the PA UFA, and it said that I was supposed to have my permit in hand within 45 days. This is a moot point, however, because the law doesn’t provide for punishment if Philly takes longer than that. They can simply ignore it with impunity.

    The UFA also gives expired permit holders a 6 month “grace period”, so long as the applicant wouldn’t otherwise be denied renewal (at least this is the way I understood it at the time). I called the Philly PD about this (as my license was expired) and they told me that they would arrest and prosecute me if I were caught carrying a firearm. Again, they simply ignore the law with impunity.

    It would be easier to temporarily establish an address in another county just to get around Philly’s Horse!@#$.

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