More on Colorado CWP Holder

Denver News has more on the CWP holder that stopped the latest mass shooting.  I feel bad that the media light is being shined on this woman and her church.  Two parishioners were murdered before she could stop them, and she herself, even if she was in the right, still has to deal with having killed another human being.  This is the kind of thing where people ought to have a little privacy.

4 thoughts on “More on Colorado CWP Holder”

  1. Well really no one forced her to attend the news conference,
    and it’s better overall, that it gets out that she was a citizen with a CCW, now….than after the story is on the back burner.

  2. I agree that it’s good for us. I’m just hoping all this attention isn’t interfering with their ability to deal with the whole situation.

  3. When women get down into their beings deeper than their cultural training they are much more practical than men, much more psychologically fit to survive and not be remorseful for doing what it took.

    Most of the dithering and angst we are accustomed to seeing from women in stressful situations is training, they are merely acting the way they think they should act and have been told is normal for them. Women are a Hell of a lot stronger than that.

    I hope this woman has been to her depth of character and suffers not a whit for doing what should have been done.

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