Politically Incorrect Ads

Politically incorrect ads from bygone times.  Quite offensive to women.   It’s hard to believe anyone ever got away with this.

7 Responses to “Politically Incorrect Ads”

  1. Alcibiades McZombie says:

    That ketchup-cap advertisement is a complete lie. Numerous times, I’ve nearly chaffed my hands trying to open one of those.

  2. Breda says:

    Oh! that reminds me! We’re out of coffee beans!

  3. chris horton says:

    I believe that’s a young Goldie Hawn in the Mini-Cooper Auto Ad,is it not?

  4. Sebastian says:

    Don’t think so. Goldie Hawn has blue eyes, and that chick doesn’t.

  5. chris horton says:

    Maybe she wears colored contacts now.

  6. Sebastian says:

    It’s possible. It does look like her.

  7. SteVe says:

    I think it was the somewhat famous British actress known as Twiggy.