6 thoughts on “You Don’t Need An AK-47 to Hunt Deer”

  1. Yeah, people have been using the 30-30 round since forever. Not a huge difference between the two.

    And why do people keep saying “you don’t need 30 rounds to hunt”? Most states outlaw more than either three or five anyway. Guess that’s the old “selective amnesia” kicking in again.

  2. And we all know the the Founding Fathers drafted the 2A to protect the rights of hunters.

    Am I the only one who sees the irony of the following statements?

    “An AK-47 is good at one thing only, that’s killing people.”

    “An AK-47 is not suitable for hunting.”

    So….an AK-47 is perfect for killing a 200lb human but ineffective against a 90lb white-tail deer.


  3. In theory, there could be no bag limit and you could take 30 dear…

  4. That kind of reminds me of when the “assault weapons” ban ended. I remember someone on the news said and I quote “Now you can mow down bambi with an uzi.” Which would almost be funny if you didn’t remember that people belive it.

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