What is National and What is Local

If there’s one thing that really does annoy me in local elections, and Democrats have been particularly guilty of this, is running against the leaders in the national government.  Eric has a prime example of this.

Note to Democrats: If you tell me that I should vote for your local worms because it will make George W. Bush cry, I will vote for the other guy.  Well, unless the other guy thinks Pennsylvania is Utah.  The Republicans managed to retain control of Montgomery County. Maybe that’s because the residents of Montgomery County are more interested in hearing how candidates would run county government,  and didn’t buy this juvinile attempt to make people think that a vote for their guy is a great way to stick it to George W. Bush.

One thought on “What is National and What is Local”

  1. Yeah, I’ve seen several articles that mentioned Centre County as a defeat for Republicans. But no, not really. We had two races where Republicans ran as Democrats because the Democrats didn’t bother to run anybody, and because the two parties here are indistinguishable. We had Denny Nau, a Democrat, but not a Chuckie Schumer Democrat by any stretch of the imagination. We did have one Democrat who won a judicial slot and neglected to mention that she was in favor of “alternative sentencing” until after the election, because she knew if she said it before, she wouldn’t have a chance. And the Democrats swept the county commissioners office because of the scandals and arrogance of the current Republican commissioners. But stories are painting the election as if Centre County suddenly turned into a bunch of slobbering leftists, and well, uh, no. Not at all.

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