As many have documented already, Brownell’s sent Larry Weeks out for the entire Gun Blogger Rendezvous.  He brought out a lot of goodies for us all, and talked about their new line of AR-15 magazines.  They come in both 20 and 30 round versions.  Larry talked about the difficulty Brownell’s had in getting the followers built to the exacting specs required to get military approval, but they managed to get it all together, and these magazines are now being sold to the US military, and are 100% mil-spec.

These magazines got me immediately interested, because I haven’t found a decent 20 round mag that works consistently in my AR.  I have ordered two of Brownell’s 30 round mags, and one of the 20 round mags, and will report on how well they function once they arrive.

One other thing to mention is that Brownell’s is a reliable partner when it comes to our second amendment rights.  Glen Caroline, NRA-ILA’s Director of Grassroots Division, who came out to talk to us, went out of his way to thank Brownell’s for all they’ve done to help NRA, and its efforts.  I hope all of you will send some business their way.   I will be, as I build out a lower receiver to go with the Ko-Tonics upper I bought back from GBR.