DC v. Heller

I was hoping we’d hear about whether cert would be granted today, since today was the day it was supposedly due.  I noticed the docket says it’ll still come out by today, but the the attorneys in the case say November.

4 Responses to “DC v. Heller”

  1. Carl Donath says:

    Seems there was popular confusion on that. The 10/5 deadline was for Heller’s response to DC’s petition – NOT a deadline for SCOTUS to approve or deny the case. Heller’s response came yesterday. Dunno when SCOTUS will, can, should or must decide.

  2. Sebastian says:

    Ah… good to know

  3. Carl Donath says:

    Apparently DC now has a chance to reply to Heller’s reply.
    There’s a reference to SCOTUS making _the_ decision by November 12.
    I’m still trying to verify those.

  4. countertop says:

    There is no deadline for the court to do anything. They act at upon their own, at their own schedule. There are set days that the Chief Justice will schedule for the Court to go to conference and vote on which cases to take, but for anyone to suggest there is any sort of internal deadline they are trying to meet is ludicrous. Discussions in the court will continue until one side or the other is satisfied they understand the questions being presented and the need for the court to act. A vote on the matter, may or may not take place at the whim of the Chief Justice (which, along with assigning who writes the decision (at least when he’s in the majority) is one of the powers he has that really allows him to control the direction of the court.