Pittsburgh Needs To Aim Higher

I was really surprised by this article in the New York Sun on Pittsburgh’s woes as a city.  Particularly this bit:

Pittsburgh is a cautionary tale for many American cities. It can either go the way of Detroit or become a comeback city like Philadelphia and Baltimore. Its future, as defined by either Mr. Ravenstahl or Mr. DeSantis, could provide a roadmap for how economically depressed cities can recover.

Philadelphia?  Baltimore?  Comeback cities?  Are you kidding?  Pittsburgh folks need to have higher ambitions than this.   The rust belt is a truly depressing place.

I was listening a bit to Cam & Company last night, to see how the NRA National Police Shooting Championships are going.  People in Albuquerque are very proud of their town, and what it’s achieved, and are optimistic about their future, which is the complete opposite of rust belt cities.  They remain proud and forward looking despite the fact that most people in the US have no idea how to spell Albuquerque.  I sure didn’t.   Thank god for spell checkers.

One thought on “Pittsburgh Needs To Aim Higher”

  1. Well, I have to say that even though the police have ruined and destroyed any respect I may have had for them, I still don’t think it is a good idea to shoot them. Worse, I think, to make it a contest. Though, they may not be good people, they are people and one shouldn’t shoot them unless they are caught in criminal and harmful activity, just like any other criminal gang member. I wonder where all the protest groups are.
    Can you imagine the hue and cry if someone held a National Gangbangers Shooting Contest? Of course, there are many such local contests in operation, but I think they too should be discouraged.

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