Must Read: Mental Health Prohibitions

Clayton Cramer has a great post up illustrating some of the things we’ve been arguing about this week in regards to HR2640, and mental health firearms prohibitions in general.  There’s more due process involved in a mental health prohibition than many people realize.

Dave Hardy discusses this too.

2 Responses to “Must Read: Mental Health Prohibitions”

  1. gattsuru says:

    There’s a lot more due process, except for when there isn’t, and it takes a whole two psychologists. Or where the state law allows a simple diagnosis by a single psychologists to result in a ban. Or the 91,478 submitted by the VA.


    When the system is set up to easily put records in, and doing so does not risk a HIPAA violation, I think it’s rather unrealistic to expect anything but a surge of nearly all existing and new records.

    Even if that’s not how the courts interpret the law (some of the time), it’s still safer and simpler for the departments and agencies, and ridiculously difficult for your average Joe to get overturned.

  2. straightarrow says:

    Sebastian, I wil give you a pass on intent, but not on results. I suspect your naivete is the result of your youth.

    Please do some heavy reading of the history of abuse of seemingly innocuous laws.