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From Arms and the Law reader David Lawson:

It is true we have protection against prosecution for unlawful use of a weapon or failure to register the weapon or possession of an illegal (non-NFA) weapon due to the Hale De Mar act. However, I am certain he will not see that firearm back unless it is sold by the police to some gangbangers that then use it against him.

Emphasis on the part I think makes the joke complete is mine. Also, I’m really happy to see Dave Hardy has set up a new blog:


If Heller wins, it’s because folks like Dave have laid much of the groundwork for the victory. It’s good to see he’s already working on the next step, should Heller prevail before the Supreme Court, as I believe it will. Let’s win Washington, then onto Chicago!

UPDATE: A commenter points out that it might be the commenter Dave, and not Dave Hardy, that has the Chicago site.  If it is, then great for commenter Dave!  Doesn’t really change what I said, other than pointing out the fact that there are too many Davids in this issue!  We gunnies definitely have the biblical metaphors wrapped up.

5 thoughts on “Quote of the Day”

  1. Not positive, but I think the new blog belongs to the reader, David Lawson, that emailed Mr. Hardy, after his post was eaten by the spam filter.


  2. I’m not positive either. There are too many David’s in this issue! Maybe that’s a good thing from a biblical point of view :)

  3. Yes, it’s the lesser known David with the new blog. I’m a resident of Chicago who legally owns firearms (alot have to be kept out of City) and am making myself into, hopefully, a pain in the frizzen to Daley.

    I know I’m not the only Gunny in Chicago…I think most are keeping to cover. I’m trying to get them out. We should be able to muster hundreds in protests in Chicago. That is my dream.

    I will be at the GRPC convention next weekend and hope to meet lots of folks there.

  4. Good luck! I added you to the RSS feed. Not making it to GRPC this year. I hope to make that in future years. I’ve heard it’s a pretty good conference.

  5. Fight the good fight! Until you can throw off the shackles of the Daley administration, it will be one down and dirty struggle.

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