HR2640 Passing Tonight

Supposedly it’ll pass the Senate tonight, and head to Bush for signature.  I’ve said before that I don’t believe this bill is a bad deal, and I remain unopposed to it.  I know a lot of people have concerns about this bill, some legitimate, some not so much.  I’m prepared to eat crow if this turns out to make things worse for gun owners, but for now, I think having a means for relief from mental health disability is a positive step.

3 thoughts on “HR2640 Passing Tonight”

  1. “but for now, I think having a means for relief from mental health disability is a positive step.”-Sebastian.

    The means are already in place and they have never been funded. What fairytale world do you live in that makes you think this will be any different? They already traded this to us once before for a concession. Boy! Talk about a twofer!

    Your dietary escapades will do nothing to lessen the impact of this. This isn’t about you eating crow and the rest of us getting to say “I told you so.” It is far too important to bog down in “Boy is my face red.”

    Put down Aesop and pay attention to what is happening.

  2. Relief from disability for felony convictions was put in place by FOPA. In the 90s, it was de-funded by Congress. I support the FOPA provision that provides for restoration of rights. I do not support the appropriations rider that doesn’t allocate money for ATF to operate the program.

    If Congress passes another law later that alters this scheme, I’ll oppose that. But right now, it’s going to allow for relief. What you’re essentially arguing is that Congress should never try to make any law that weakens GCA 68, because later they might come along and unweaken it.

  3. No what I am saying is they will break the deal. They will fund the parts they like and incapacitate the parts they don’t just like they have done.

    Once those returning soldiers are denied due to mental disability they will never have their rights restored. I am in favor of killing GCA ’68, not adding more people to the list from which there is no return.

    You’re too damn smart to not realize that what they have done before, they will do again, once we give them the power they want. They will use the part they like only.

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