I’m an NRA Apologist

I figured I’d put this out in front for all to see. From the comments:

This is another in a long line of stories that makes the nra apologists squirm because it threatens their denial mentality about the nra.

Rather than re post the same hard hitting stuff so sebastian can avoid it, I’ll just post this very telling link so all can see how he behaves when he’s shown the ugly truth about the nra. http://www.pagunblog.com/?p=1494#comment-11852

He seemed to want everyone to see that, so I figured I’d help out. I’d also like to point out, just to complete my treason, that I’ve said in the past there are gun control laws I’m willing to live with. Not that I think they are worth anything, mind you, but given the courts have chosen to do nothing about the second amendment, there are compromises I’m willing to live with.

So yes, I don’t really care of NRA has expressed support for the NFA 6 years before I was born, because I’d be happy just to get rid of the 1986 Hughes Amendment, and if that means I need to stand on the NFA in order to make politicians comfortable with that idea, then so be it. If I have to stand on the NICS system to prevent further restrictions on gun purchases, so be it.

We did not get where we are today because of the NRA, or because we compromised. We got here today because our fellow citizens elected politicians that wanted us to be here. If you’ve ever spent any time talking to real people about the gun issue, you know that most people believe that some level of gun control is necessary. That’s what we’re up against, and that’s why we’re here. The only solution to that is changing hearts and minds, and I’ve becoming convinced we’re making progress in this area, but there is a long way to go.

Once we get to the point where the NFA is even up for serious debate, I’ll be happy, but we’re a long way from that. The second amendment was meant to put these issues outside of the political process, but until the courts actually say it means something, that’s an academic consideration. Until then, it’s politics. I know it sucks, but that’s the reality.

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  1. But isn’t it better to jump so far ahead of ourselves that we lose effectively any and all support? I mean come on. It isn’t as if we have to fight a daily battle w/ the media and public just to get them to recognize the difference between a semi and full auto. We need to demand unrestricted access and no license carry everywhere NOW!!

  2. Considering the NRA leadership is elected, its opinions can change drastically over the years.

  3. I think if you were going to repeal in the 1986 Hughes Amendment, or were trying to stave off the 1968 Gun Control Act, you’d probably also say you supported the NFA, and thus we can feel safe in repealing the total ban, or feel safe not passing more onerous restrictions.

    That NRA didn’t fight GCA 68 hard enough is a valid criticism. NRA was prepared to allow for a ban on mail order firearms by certain people, what they got was an outright ban except for FFL holders.

    NRA’s handling of GCA 68 ripped the organization apart, which lead to the creation of ILA, headed by Harlan Carter. Carter would go on to become Executive VP (Wayne’s position today), with Neal Knox leading up ILA.

  4. Nope. Unless the NRA explicitly states it wants every preschooler armed with H&K MP5s, they’re a gun control organization.

    Or are you just going to ignore that fact? WHY HAVEN’T YOU ANSWERED MY QUESTION????

    Think I might go ahead and join soon so I can be part of the Sooper Seecrit Gun Control Cabal.

  5. I don’t really want pre-schoolers armed with H&K MP5s. Too big a gun for pre-schoolers. You have to start small, like a MAC-11. .380 is a much more appropriate caliber for pre-schoolers. I don’t think your average pre-schoolers is going to control a machine pistol in anything larger!

  6. Oh come on, Sebastian, do you really think Little Suzie would be able to take down Little Johnny (who is clearly 7 pounds heavier than her) with a .380?

    When it comes to school bullies, you need some serious knockdown power.


  7. “If you’ve ever spent any time talking to real people about the gun issue, you know that most people believe that some level of gun control is necessary.”

    Here Here. I think we in the gun rights community forgets this fact. We have gun control in this country because the citizens of this country wanted it. We fool ourselves when we get the idea, amplified by our group think, that the general public is interested in removing the gun control laws. They aren’t. Particularly law regulating fully automatic firearms.

    For example, I was talking to my aunt about 4 years ago, who is not really anti-gun, and mentioned that machine guns ought to be fully legalized. She said, No Way.
    If you talk to most Americans, they will tell you the same thing.

    We have nearly 50 years of lies and propaganda to overcome and it will only be defeated by hard work and persistence. In particular, work needs to be done to bring women into the gun rights fold. We are having some success. What we don’t need is members of our own community calling the most effective gun rights organization we have, the NRA, a gun control organization. It is silly and destructive.

  8. I think it might be easier to deregulate short-barreled rifles. AK and AR “handguns” are already legal, as long as they don’t have buttstocks. There really is no good reason why a gun should become illegal just because you add one on.

  9. I agree that should be easier than dealing with machine guns. Seriously, it would be a miracle to get rid of The Hughes Amendment, let alone rid ourselves of the NFA machine gun provisions.

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