7 thoughts on “Philadelphia’s murder rate …”

  1. Actually, I think the media is trying to ignore it. We’ve had five since Thursday, and our current count is 265, but they’re not making front-page news as often.

  2. I think Wyatt may be right; unless they are using an “high power assault rifle” or a semi-automatic handgun, it is not worth reporting.

  3. The addition and subtraction is wrong on that site.

    If the data portrayed is correct, then it’s actually a 4.9% increase in muredrs YTD.

    City of Brotherly love? No, breeding ground for the likes of Ed Rendell. (Spit!)


  4. It is a 4.9% increase YTD, that’s true, and that’s what the chart says. (I just represented 12 more murders as -12 since, well, I guess I consider that ‘negative’) My point with the chart is to show that since April the number of murders in 2007 has declined over the same period in 2006. I’m suggesting that maybe there was some kind of policy change or something in late March or early April that has led to fewer murders than you would expect given the fast start to 2007. We should all hope the trend continues. If it does, we may end up with fewer murders than last year.

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