Missouri Carry: “really a nonissue”

This article suggests that there has been no impact either way from Missouri’s concealed carry law:

“When they were debating this, one side was saying it was going to reduce crime and another was saying it was going to cause gunfights in the streets,” Franklin County Sheriff Gary Toelke told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “I really haven’t seen either. It’s really a nonissue right now. You’re not having fights in the streets, but it’s not saving the world either.”

Seems to be the story everywhere this has happened.  I’m happy to see they close out the article with a great statement on why regulating concealed weapons at all is just about completely pointless:

In St. Charles County, sheriff’s Lt. Craig McGuire said that while there have been no reports of such infractions there, by its nature a concealed weapon would not be obvious anyway.

Exactly.  Which is why criminals don’t really think much of ignoring these laws.

One thought on “Missouri Carry: “really a nonissue””

  1. Isn’t it hilarious that this was such a big issue when it was first discussed and how it would deter crime? After all that nonsense its doesnt even matter in regards to the stats.

    Nice find Sebastian!

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