NRA Supporting Biofuels

No, not this NRA, I’m talking about the National Renderers Association. They have formed a committee relating to biofuels. Who is the NRA? Well, according to their website:

The NRA is an American Trade Association, whose business is to promote the interests of it’s members. Members of this association are all in the business of rendering, i.e. transforming waste from the meat industry into useable products for animal feeds and technical use. Renderers are even known as the original recyclers. On average slaughter houses, packing plants, supermarkets, butcher shops and restaurants collectively generate at least 40,000 metric tonnes of animal byproduct each week. Without the rendering industry, byproducts from meat and poultry processing would fill up landfills very quickly and the decomposing waste would contaminate our soil and water with disease-causing microorganisms and vermin. For more information on this and related subjects see the Environmental perspective page found on this site.

This is the kind of biofuel I can get behind; the kind made from waste product. I certainly like it a lot better than screwing up the economy to give ADM nice fat subsidies, along with artificially inflated corn and feed prices.

3 thoughts on “NRA Supporting Biofuels”

  1. I doubt it. Either way, trademarks only come into play, typically, when you share an industry, and there’s a potential of consumer confusion.

  2. Biodiesel makes a TON more sense than corn based ethanol. And it can be fun to make…with any luck I’m actually going to be a partner in a biodiesel factory myself.

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