Violence Policy Center Study Bunk

A few days ago I linked to a VPC study that purported to rank states by number of drive by shootings. While I linked to it in such a way as to not take it seriously, it would appear that, perhaps because they lack the funding to conduct a proper study, that VPC determined this through creative Google searching! I couldn’t make this shit up folks.

Stick a fork in them. The VPC is done.

5 thoughts on “Violence Policy Center Study Bunk”

  1. Well, I gotta hand it to VPC. Most of the rabid anti-gunners simply make up stats, so I applaud the VPC for at least pretending to design a constructive study that would make any researcher, no matter how liberal, laugh in scorn.

    Maybe we should Google how many times these clowns have been called a POS and issue rankings to determine the worst POS in the anti-gunner community.

  2. It’s only to be expected that they’d be running out of money; Anti-gun organizations that *admit* to being anti-gun are so pre-1994, and with Josh Sugarman at the helm, the VPC has been the antithesis of a stealth anti-gun front organization. Half my favorite quotes proving that they really *are* out to get our guns come from Josh, after all.

    All the money today is going to fronts like AGS or the AHSA, that pretend to be pro-gun, but “reasonable”.

  3. I think you might want to update your info on AGS, Brett. AGS doesn’t even exist anymore. Their staff had to absorbed into another group in order to continue operation. They don’t use the name anymore, they are just one policy division.

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