Mental Health Disabilities Down Under

Australia’s National Coalition for Gun Control wants to put a 10 year ban if a licensee “attempts self harm”:

The National Coalition for Gun Control has called for a mandatory 10 year cancellation of a firearm licence if a licensee attempts self-harm.

The call comes after a coroner’s inquest into the murder-suicide of a family at East Gresford, in the New South Wales Hunter Valley, three years ago.

Michael Richardson, 32, killed his wife and children before shooting himself – he had previously attempted suicide, but had been reissued with a gun licence.

I guess the whole licensing scheme was insufficient to stop someone from going nuts.   So a 10 year ban should do just fine?  I’ve never bought the suicide risk argument for applying a disability.  If someone wants to off themselves, that’s their own business.  The fact that sometimes they decide to take others with them is also not compelling.  Would the National Coalition for Gun Control feel better if the suicidal pop drove the wife and kids off a bridge or into a lake?