New Blogroll Additions

Mr. Completely

I’ve been participating in the e-postal matches. You should too. It’s a lot of fun to compete against other bloggers, even if you come at the end of the pack. You probably won’t beat this guy though, I think he spends more time at the range than I can even dream of.

Les Jones

He added me just as I was about to do a blogroll addition, so I figured I’d reciprocate. He’s another Knoxville blogger. Knoxville seems to be the blogging capital of the world.

Red’s Trading Post

In only a few days, he’s really impressed me with his content. Most of us are aware of his problems with the BATFE. I really hope he can manage to get through his ordeal with his business still in tact. You’d swear the ATF were working under somebody like Bill Clinton rather than a “pro-gun” Republican. Bush’s failure to get this agency under control has been a big slap in the face to the gun rights community.

Classical Values

Another Pennsylvania guy. Been an occasional reader for a while, becoming a more regular reader.

Right Wing Nation

More Pennsylvania bloggers. I may have to create a special category for them at some point.

John Lott’s Website

We all owe a lot to John’s research. 

I’m sure there are others out there I should add. If you feel left out, let me know, and maybe I’ll get you in on the next cycle.

One thought on “New Blogroll Additions”

  1. Thanks for including me on your blogroll! You are doing a great job, BTW!

    Watch for JimmyB and MARC on the current e-Postal match, RIVRDOG too.

    …….. Mr. C.

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