More From the Tinfoil Hat

I think it’s quite possible that, rather than an astroturfing campaign, we’re seeing the fact that newspapers just love this “I’m a gun owner, but I support gun control” articles.  I should be clear that if it is astroturfing, I don’t think the Brady’s are behind it.  My guess would be the AHSA, but this is the tin foil hat talking.  It very well may be that the newspapers just dig this gun owners for gun control meme, and are giving people with this idea preferential treatment.

But something sure does smell funny.

4 Responses to “More From the Tinfoil Hat”

  1. deadcenter says:

    I had the same feeling, too many in too short a time with too similar phrasing. Didn’t attribute it to any specific group though, guess I need more foil in my hat.

  2. Sebastian says:

    Reynolds wrap works best for keeping out the CIA mind control rays ;)

  3. Sailorcurt says:

    Does it occur to anyone else that this seems to have “taken off” in the MSM shortly after the Zumbo affair?

    Perhaps we telegraphed a weakness to them? In excoriating Jim Zumbo, many people mentioned how damaging it is to have someone on “our side” support gun control.

    Now, all the sudden, they are coming out of the woodwork.


  4. Sebastian says:

    It would be an awfully convenient one