Mouse Troubles

It seems I may have rodents again in the house.  The normal response previously would be to watch my friend’s cat for a weekend while the friend was gone.  Bitter is allergic though, so I may have to look for alternatives.   The problem with traps is I have to remember to check them, and I’m kind of absent minded about things like that.  They need to make a trap that beeps when it has a captive.

Maybe I should pick up a black rat snake the next time I see one while hiking.  I’d be willing to bet they are effective at dealing with rodent problems, and I’m sure Bitter isn’t allergic to them.  But I doubt she’d want to visit in that case.  I doubt my neighbors would appreciate the rodent reducing utility of having a giant contstricting reptile in the neighborhood either.

3 thoughts on “Mouse Troubles”

  1. Best thing to go after rodents is a rodent itself: a ferret.
    They can fit inplaces the mice and rats like to go.

    There are also electronic frequency emitters, but I’m not sure just exactly how effective they are. Mouse traps work well. You can get re-usable, safer ones that won’t crush your finger, but the old wooden ones are VERY effective.

  2. Could be worse. You have a mouse problem, my folks have a big RAT problem. Since the city has been redoing the sewers and everything, rats have infested the neighborhoods.

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