Gun Rights Conference Today in Harrisburg

The Allegheny County Sportsman’s League (sort of like PA’s version of VCDL) is holding a Gun Rights Conference today in Harrisburg:

We all knew the challenges we would face after last year’s election and our darkest fears are being realized. The only way to defeat this is to join together once again and show those who would take our freedoms that we will not yield.

We will join together for an early preemptive strike on our issues by having a lobbying and education day, focusing on freshmen legislators, and connect that with launching our pro-gun agenda, as we did last year. Members of the Pennsylvania grassroots and gun owner’s coalition, which has been so successful for us on other issues, met with Representative Daryl Metcalfe in early December to devise a strategy for the upcoming session so that we would be prepared to deal with these issues. The date we have agreed upon is April 24th and we will combine our meeting and lobbying with another Pro-Gun Press conference to introduce our pro-gun/pro-sportsmen agenda of legislation. We can also use this opportunity to excoriate the anti-gun forces, legislators and issues.

I went to the last rally at Harrisburg last September, where the house defeated, pretty overwhelmingly, the gun control wishlist of the Philadelphia politicians in the Committee of the Whole.  I feel bad that I can’t get to this one to cover it, especially given that I have a freshman state representative, but I could end up short on vacation this year.  Maybe next time.