Something My Mom Taught Me

Just because it’s your sandbox, doesn’t mean you should be a brat to all the other kids in the neighborhood, because they don’t want to play the same way you do. It’s a good lesson, I think.

UPDATE: The continuing controversy is making me consider proposing a new verb:


  1. The act of being shunned, dismissed, ridiculed, and insulted by lefty bloggers for disagreeing with them on the issues of the day.  Can also be caused by pointing out lefty hypocrisies.

Usage: #9 got seriously althoused over at KnoxViews.

Hopefully Prof. Althouse isn’t insulted by this proposed verb, but she’s the most prominent target of this type of behavior I’ve seen to date.  But it appears she’s not the only one who causes the lefty blogosphere to start stoking the fire underneath the stakes.