Stick to Guns Guys

I have to second Bitter’s statement that the NRA-ILA needs to lay off the unrelated-to-guns political statements. The NRA is about gun rights, it’s not a clearing house for various other kooky or non-kooky right wing thinking. Do you really want to alienate the more progressive gun rights folks? It’s not good politics for our issue, and whoever is doing it needs to stop.

5 thoughts on “Stick to Guns Guys”

  1. Ok, this is twice. What the Hell are you calling right wing? Progressive?

  2. Well, in this case NRA-ILA making statements about global warming. And CCRKBA making statements about illegal immigration. Regardless of whether or not I might agree with them, there are people out there that don’t, who might be sympathetic with guns rights. NRA should make it’s goal to have broad support for the right to keep and bear arms across the entire political spectrum.

    If they drag other right-wing issues into the gun debate, they will drive away people who might be open to the NRA’s ideas, but will reject them if they come as part of a package of right-wing issues that have nothing to do with it.

  3. For the record I’m not a global warming denier, though I have some problems with the doom and gloom predictions, and I’m not an advocate of Kyoto, or really of most of the solutions that would, effectively, end up capping energy production or use. I favor technological rather than regulatory solutions (i.e. more nuclear energy).

    I also tend to favor relaxed immigration laws, though I don’t have much sympathy for illegals. I think there needs to be an immigration law that accepts certain economic realities.

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