Hello From Waurika, Oklahoma

The Texas Fun Time Shootout is over, and we’ve stopped briefly in Bitter’s home town of Waurika, OK.  Only here briefly for a short tour, to wash the car, and to get some catfish at Bill’s Fish House.  We’ll be moving on to Oklahoma City shortly.   Bitter I guess has been gone too long, because she hardly recognizes anyone in the paper.   This is a foreign concept to me, as I’m used to not recognizing anyone in my local paper.

5 thoughts on “Hello From Waurika, Oklahoma”

  1. There were 20,000 people in my hometown, so it was kind of hard to know “everyone”.

  2. Breakfast at the Classen Grill is the only reason to ever be in Oklahoma City.

  3. I knew she was from Waurika. Nobody goes to visit except escapees. :)

  4. Another reason to be in Oklahoma City is because the family home is here and it provides a free place to stay.

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