HR1022 – Twelve Congressworms Who Can Kiss My Ass

Over at Josh’s, he has the list. This is the usual suspects of Congressional gun haters. I would say, given this, it’s time to go to DEFCON 4 on this bill, and write your Congress Critter, but this still isn’t serious co-sponsorship yet.

I notice Chaka Fattah is on the list, as I would expect. He’ll want to play up his gun owner hating credentials for his Mayoral bid.

I guess Carolyn McCarthy, feeling bad about how utterly ineffective she is as a Congressworm, felt the need to tap some of her more friendly colleagues to bail her out of her embarrassment.

2 thoughts on “HR1022 – Twelve Congressworms Who Can Kiss My Ass”

  1. Knowing Congress, McCarthy staffers probably noticed the only press coming from gun blogs and how everyone was saying to disregard it because she was the lone wacko on it. It sat for nearly a month with no co-sponsors. If a bill a priority, it has two dozen sponsors in a heartbeat, especially if they want press attention for it. She probably decided to do a Dear Colleague to the entire House to get some support and prove her point. These are the only ones who responded.

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