GOP Enters Mayoral Race

Looks like the GOP has ponied up Al Taubenberger to run for Philadelphia Mayor.

City Councilman Frank Rizzo, a Republican who had considered a mayoral run on either party’s ticket, said yesterday that he expected Taubenberger to be the nominee. Rizzo said he backed off his own bid because “we have a good candidate in Al Taubenberger, who I’ll be working for, and on the Democratic side, we have some capable candidates also.”

The city’s registered Democrats outnumber Republicans by 5-1, and most GOP leaders concede that a mayoral victory is a long shot. No Republican mayor has been elected since 1947.

Anyone who knows Philadelphia knows the Rizzo name, but I don’t know much about Taubenberger, and we probably won’t get to know much about him, because, as the article says, the GOP has a snowballs chance in hell of winning the race.   Of course, no one thought a Republican could win in New York City either, but they elected Giuliani (I don’t count Bloomberg. He’s a lifelong Democrat riding on Rudy’s coattails).  I may have my issues with Giuliani as President, but he was a great mayor of New York City.  Philadelphia is long overdue for it’s own Giuliani.  Sadly, this guy probably ain’t it.

4 thoughts on “GOP Enters Mayoral Race”

  1. I would think everyone would know the name Rizzo, especially in Philadelphia. To my knowledge he is the only mayor anywhere in the world, in history who has launched an aerial bombing attack on a neighborhood under his jurisdiction when he was Chief of Police. A bombing which didn’t achieve the desired result, I might add, but did burn down a whole damn block of homes.

    Why the Hell isn’t he in Guantanamo?

  2. You’re confusing Frank Rizzo with Wilson Goode. Rizzo also had a confrontation with MOVE, but it was Goode that dropped da bomb, and let the houses burn.

  3. If I’m not mistaken Goode was mayor at the time and Rizzo was the Police Chief? If that is not correct, please let me know.

  4. Rizzo was a police commisoner, but not during the Goode administration. That was George Sambor, according to Wikipedia.

    You can read about it here.

    The article describes both the 1978 confrontation with MOVE under Rizzo and the 1985 confrontation under Goode. It was the 1985 one that involved the use of a bomb.

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