Mr. and Mrs. Massachusetts, Turn Them All In

No, they aren’t banning real guns yet. They are talking about banning BB guns:

In fact, these politicians not only plan to ban BB guns in Massachusetts, they’re sending letters to Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and Rhode Island to ask those states to do the same.

In the words of one of these anti-gun politicians, their goal is to make “New England an area free of pellet guns and BB guns.”

The article doesn’t mention which special interest group is behind this legislation, but I have one theory:

Image:Squirrel with nut.jpg

2 Responses to “Mr. and Mrs. Massachusetts, Turn Them All In”

  1. Wai says:

    So which special interest group is lobbying for the BB gun ban; the tree-rat or the nut?

  2. Sebastian says:

    The tree rat… the most common victim of BB gun violence


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