Lessons in Smaller Government

Bitter, who claims she’ll get me to like Mitt Romney so much I’ll want to kick him in the nuts by the time he hits the campaign trail, has started a new category called Lessons in Smaller Government by Mitt Romney.

I agree that Romney is a lackluster candidate. He has the odor of a rank political opportunist, who will say whatever he feels he needs to say, and take any position he needs to take, in order to get himself elected. Unfortunately, I think I could probably say the same thing about 99% of politicians. Getting me to despise politicians isn’t hard, and they usually do a good job of that on their own, but I can’t quite work up enough nut kicking indignation about the former governor of Massachusetts. But I will certainly give Bitter a fair chance to try.

My other options for 2008 are shaping up to be Rudy Giuliani, who I think was a fantastic mayor of New York, but I have some issues with him, particularly that he hasn’t seen a gun control law he didn’t like. John McCain is, sadly, shaping up to be my preferred choice for 2008, which pisses me off because I already think McCain deserves a kick in the nuts for McCain-Feingold. But I have no idea how Rudy would behave on the national stage, and I’m already suspicious of Romney. Plus, I want some strong leadership for 2008, because I think Bush’s has been pretty abysmal, and I tend to like McCain’s opinions on the war. Casting a vote for McCain will make me feel dirty, but unless someone else comes along, I think he’s the lesser of the three evils. And if Hillary or Obama runs for the Democrats, the Republicans could run Britney Spears and I’d still vote for them.

One thought on “Lessons in Smaller Government”

  1. Heck, I’d vote for Brittney Spears period. Just imagine the sheer comedy of it all. People make fun of Dubya for mangling the English language, but just wait for the ditzy blonde jokes that would result from a Spears administration.

    We NEED to make this happen.

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