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  1. I’m glad they support reform. But even if they get elected, will they be able to actually reform anything? Or will the cronies of WLP Admiration Society choke off any chance of that happening?

    1. Short of a revolution or the AG of New York indicting Wayne, reform will take time.

      I am reminded of an earlier Attorney General of New York – Eliot Spitzer – who told AIG that CEO Hank Greenberg had to go or he’d indict the whole company. That would have been the kiss of death and Greenberg was shown the door after serving as CEO for 39 years.

      In this situation, Letitia James could say to the Board, Wayne goes and you agree to certain restrictions or I will move to dissolve the NRA. Would the WLP Admiration Society be willing to take that chance? Could they afford the legal battle?

      1. We’re probably stuck with Wayne until he retires or croaks. The fight that’s winnable over whether he’s replaced by the next grifter or someone who will run the outfit with some skill and integrity.

  2. “Both will support reform, which is desparately needed.”

    I suppose the last thing needed these days are my cynical viewpoints, but, supporting NRA “reform” candidates strikes me as analogous to supporting minor party candidates in Real World politics; noble as all hell, but incredibly naive’ if you believe it/they will ever accomplish anything.

    (Saying that as a supporter of a ca. Y2K “NRA reform” slate; and that was before the NRA evolved into the cesspool it is today.)

  3. ProTip: How to get the NRA to stop spamming you phone number for donations.. Tell them to get rid of Wayne and until they do they wont see any more $$.

    Magically the phone calls stopped. lol.

    1. “How to get the NRA to stop spamming you phone number for donations.”

      Hell, they stopped spamming my phone number about 25 years ago. Anyone who is an honest gun rights advocate, and publicly visible, will eventually get on their enemies list, and that’s all it takes.

      Of course I’ve started getting mail from them asking me to put them in my will, but I suppose that’s automatic with anyone who’s been a member for more than 50 years.

  4. I’m four years into my payments on an Easy Pay life membership. With all of the recent disclosures about Wayne’s antics I was about ready to cut them off. But then I would have nothing to show for the money I’ve already payed in. The dilemma is do I pay off the payment balance just so I can get a Board vote to use for reform candidates, or make a statement now by canceling my membership? I’ve opted for the former.

    I also haven’t had any fund raising calls since I politely told the last solicitor that I will not give anything beyond my membership until Wayne is gone.

    1. I won’t criticize where anyone places their bets, even though I think there could be better ones. But I immediately thought of the following:

      “hope springs eternal.” It is human nature to keep on hoping against all odds. This particular expression was coined by the poet Alexander Pope in An Essay on Man (1732), “Hope springs eternal in the human breast,” and very quickly became proverbial.

      No one would welcome an unalloyed miracle more than me, but I think the problems run a lot deeper than just Pepe La Pew.

    2. I’m already a Patron member, but my was was on EPL. I debated on what do to as you did, but having a second vote in the house for reform candidates would still be worth it and it’ll still be worth it once WLP is gone. But I’m not giving any other money to the NRA (other than the PVF which I believe is independent and important).

  5. I just received my Life Member’s ballot and will bullet-vote for Tait and Hill on all your recommendations. I won’t let my negativism/pessimism hurt more optimistic folks’ consensus.

    1. DANG! After I filled out my ballot I remembered it would cost me $0.55 to mail it. I wouldn’t bet that much on the NRA’s future, but I just gave my word, so what the hell…

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