13 thoughts on “Lobby Day Logistics for Virginians”

  1. I hope that nobody on the other side tries a false-flag maneuver.

    (Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to rewind my tinfoil hat)

    1. Claiming a false-flag incident has many advantages. Mainly, it can’t really be disproven. Even if the perps are positively identified, you can always claim they were really working for your boogeyman-of-choice. The people who want to believe it, will keep on believing it.

      I’ve recently been reflecting on how far we’ve come since my day. With the Gulf of Tonkin Incident, the government had to claim something had occurred to get everyone to support a war. Most recently, all they had to do was claim something was going to happen, and enough people bought it. How can anyone disprove that something was going to happen, if you hadn’t stopped it? All evidence is on your side — nothing happened. Much easier than making up WMDs and convincing the UK’s PM to lie for you.

    1. A lot of people have been preparing for this. Some have been itching.

      Everybody has their line. We’ll see whose is crossed on Monday.

      1. “Everybody has their line.”

        In my experience, when it’s crossed, they will wait and see if anyone else reacts to it. Then they will go with whatever the crowd is doing.

        1. So then not actually their line.

          When I said everybody has their line, I mean what they will refuse to hold themselves back from, regardless of what others are doing.

          You are talking about what they think their line is. But its not actually what it is. Its only what they think it is. But some point after that, is their actual line.

  2. Good to see them getting the word out. I noticed they say nothing about not bringing guns, except to actual inside the capitol. Good.

    I saw the fences they are putting up. I imagine they won’t last long.

  3. I’ve been following this pretty closely, and I have to say I have a gut feeling that there are shenanigans afoot. Ralph Northam is just …off. And the Northern Virginia Democrats who are controlling the legislature are the kind of people you run into at parties who are absolutely sure they’re right, and look at you like you’re speaking Greek if you challenge their ideas. On top of that, at least some are bought and paid for by Bloomberg, who is the ultimate real-life Mr Burns. These people are capable of bringing in an agent provocateur and having a media campaign in place to cast everyone on our side as “neo-nazis” as soon as something happens.

    I am personally not going on the 20th, because I just don’t think it’s physically safe. Instead, I am going to attend a Black Guns Matter rally that’s local to me this weekend. I wish Phil Van Cleve and everyone else with GOA and VCDL success and safety, but in the immortal words of Han Solo, I have a bad feeling about this.

  4. “I have a bad feeling about this.”

    I’m pretty sure you are intended to.

    I don’t necessarily (though certainly possibly) see an anti-gun motive behind that. It’s just that minimizing the crowd by scaring “normal” people will minimize the odds of one person going crazy on the spur of the moment and lighting a spark that escalates to an explosion. Otherwise in practical terms, they don’t care how big the crowd is, supporting any issue. (Remember that no one really knows who fired that “shot heard ’round the world” at Lexington.)

  5. My prediction:
    Police will make no effort to seperate pro and antigun peeps. Fisticuffs will ensue. Additionally some folks may attempt to breach the temporary fencing on the capital perimeter.

    At this point those outside the approved holding pen will be deemed an unlawful assembly. VCDL’s permit is only for the capital grounds.

    The main question is how aggressively LE tries to disperse the crowd once an unlawful assembly is declared.

    Best case for us is VSP either stands down when ordered to disperse the crowd, or joins the protestors. That would send
    a powerful message to the gun grabbers that VSP will only go so far.

    However I find it far more likely that VSP cries “molon dental plan!” and deploys tear gas or otherwise tries to disperse the crowd. VSP has made it clear this week they stand with the Gov and Dem majority on this issue.

    What happens next is the million dollar question.

    1. “VSP has made it clear this week they stand with the Gov and Dem majority on this issue.”

      See my “No one who deigns to rule” rant in the later “Virginia Court Upholds Governor’s Gun Ban” thread.

      Cops are Authoritarians, working for Authoritarians. There used to be a cliche’ in my younger days, that our high school classmates who became cops were all the guys who were either class bullies or class clowns. If that wasn’t always strictly true, the correlation was high enough to keep the cliche’ alive.

      Did you ever know a bully who was itching for an even fight? Of course cops are in favor of gun control! And the more laws there are, the more chances for them to throw their weight around. For them, laws are make-work projects.

      1. Think about the emergence of “paramilitary police” over recent decades. It was slow but very deliberate. Think about how many times you’ve heard the phrase “the police are outgunned by the crimnals.” How often has that been true? All that time, have you ever heard cops advocating citizens also having automatic weapons and armored vehicles? They enjoy their firepower superiority and intend to keep things that way. Even when you and I are totally disarmed, bet on them keeping their paramilitary equipment.

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