2 thoughts on “Indicted Philly Rep Was Gun Control Leader”

  1. This is a serious question: Is there any issue for which bad behavior and crookedness doesn’t correlate with being a legislator/public official?

    I won’t cite any examples, because citing any of them would offend someone; but also there is the phenomenon that the human love for exposing hypocrisy and wrongdoing among our enemies results in accumulating stories to illustrate it. E.g., right now enemies of gun rights are reveling in the exposure of every example of crookedness that existed in the NRA, and there seemed to be a lot.

    I’ll risk citing one personal example: I worked in several “right-leaning” political campaigns. In each of them, “insiders” learned there had been some problem with embezzlement of funds, at some level. Logically, I would have to assume the same thing applied to “left-leaning” campaigns, but if I wanted to make an “expose’ of campaigns on the right” I could make an argument that they are infested with greedy and crooked people.

    What I concluded though was, all politics and all issues attract opportunists who are greedy and crooked. It may be gratifying to identify Rep. Movita Johnson-Harrell as crooked, but it certainly is dog-bites-man as news goes.

  2. Any movement that embraced Donald Trump should not revel in examples of its opponents being crooks.

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