If you managed to travel back in time to 2015:

Time Traveler: “In just a year, Chris will announce NRA’s endorsement a well-known Manhattan socialite.”

Me: “I’m sorry sir, but do I need to have you fitted for a straight jacket? I’m happy to testify at your commitment hearing.”

Time Traveler: “It gets better.”

Me: “How can you possible top this tall tale?”

Time Traveler: “Well, Sebastian, you see, in 2019, Ack-Mac will be gone. Wayne will kick Ack-Mac to the curb after Chris Cox is accused of conspiring with Ack-Mac to oust Wayne.”

Me: “Well, now I know you’re nuts. There’s no way Wayne would ever kick Ack-Mac to the curb. And it’s no real secret that Cox isn’t a big fan of that relationship.”

Time Traveler: “The Board will back Wayne. Chris will be out, accused of being an Ack-Mac stooge.”

Me: “I think you need to take your meds.”

Time Traveler: “NRA will further consolidate their Public Relations. ILA will no longer have a separate PR outfit.”

Me: “Well, I’ve always thought they should do that, really. Once Ack-Mac is out of the picture.”

Time Traveler: “No, you won’t think it’s a good thing in 2019”

Me: “OK Buddy, I’ve had just about enough of you and your psychotic delusions.”

Time Traveler: “Whatevs, I speak the truth from 2019. You can believe me or not believe me.”

Seriously, I’m starting to wonder if I’m checking out from reality. Because this one is frankly too bizarre for me to believe.

5 thoughts on “Surrealism”

  1. I wonder what turned Wayne against AckMac. I thought they were money-grubbing cronies together.

    1. Rank speculation on my part: Turning on AMc got him enough support on the board to hang on. If it was an AMc conspiracy, and not just Board members unhappy with Wayne’s leadership, that’s a completely different dynamic.

  2. Personally I think they should hold a special election, EVERYBODY having to be voted in again to hold their position, or be replaced.
    Only way I can see to keep themselves honest and respected by the members.

    1. Why would you want to replicate a 70+ member Board of Directors? That NEEDS to change. The rest of them should get regular titles, such as Managers or VP’s, etc. The current number is a JOKE. It’s intended to allow this sort of disaster to be un-fixable.

  3. “. . .this one is frankly too bizarre for me to believe.”

    I’m smiling, because I know you are almost exactly my older son’s age, so I’m sure you’ve still got a bunch of never-thought-I’d-sees in front of you. Actually I think we all do, in rapid succession, in the next few years. I guarantee that, being the sort of guy who pays attention to things, in 30 years you’ll just be a crazy old coot like me.

    Just consider how many things took how many people by surprise between the Gulf of Tonkin Incident in 1964 and the fall of Saigon in 1975. Or further back, between the ascension of Hitler to Chancellor in Germany in 1933, to the outbreak of WWII in 1939 — just six years.

    Oh yeah, we have lots of interesting times coming.

    It was just called to my attention that the 50th anniversary of Woodstock is this August 15. Then seven months after all that peace and love came the mass shooting at Kent State.

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