Civil Disobedience on Assault Weapons

Boulder residents are standing firm on not complying with the city’s ban on assault weapons:

Boulder’s newly enacted “assault weapons” ban is meeting with stiff resistance from its “gun-toting hippies,” staunch liberals who also happen to be devoted firearms owners.

That’s great. Why don’t you try to send a message by not voting for anti-gun Democrats. You see, because if you keep voting for assholes who want to do this to you, they will keep doing it.

“That was a neat protest because it really brought out people from Boulder,” Ms. Hollywood said. “People you would never expect to be gun owners were standing there, the gun-toting hippies, basically, saying, ‘Why are you guys doing this to us? We didn’t do anything wrong, and now you’re coming after us.’ “

Stop voting for them.

21 thoughts on “Civil Disobedience on Assault Weapons”

  1. Gun rights are probably the only area in which “gun toting hippies” agree with republicans. Unless they’re a single issue voter then it wouldn’t make sense for them to vote R.

  2. Good to see them not complying. Hopefully the anti-gunners see the resistance even in blue Denver. Doubt it thought.

    Great point though- they wouldn’t have to disobey if they didn’t keep voting for them.

  3. I find it of note that this article is in the Washington Times. No mention of this is in the Boulder Daily Camera or the Denver Post.

  4. Makes me wonder how many “gun toting hippies” learned anything from this?

  5. Pot-totting hippies in CA are having similar issues with their Dem state legislature. They’re not banning pot, of course, but taxing and regulating pot, making it more expensive than the black market supply. Reports are there are many disgruntled smokers.

    1. My silicon Valley town is already looking for ways to exclude any businesses from being set up to sell it. NIMBY strikes again!

      Pretty funny since it has been widely acknowledged that pot is what powered software engineering, among other ventures. Then again, the town has been overrun by Asians for a while now.

      1. I know I’m going to regret asking this, but what does the Asian part have to do with anything?

        1. Are Asian doing so much math homework there is no time to spark a doobie?

          Do they prefer smoking black tar opium like grandpa did back in Shanghai, and eschew Lucifer’s Lettuce?

          Some other cultural marker?

        2. That could be a long, involved explanation. In short, the reasons they are here (in SV) seems to generally keep them away from pot and other recreational drug use.

          Lots of first generation immigrants, although it can sometimes be difficult to tell first and second gen apart, since English tends to not be a second gen’s primary language, due to cultural effects.

          BTW, the very long lasting cultural baggage they drag along with them is exactly why immigration is so damaging. Immigrants do not assimilate. Unless they are from a very close approximation of the host country, they, and their descendants, will always remain different. Assimilation is a myth, in large part. Partly, this is due to immigrants choosing to live in close quarters with those from the same originating area. Unless they arrived speaking English, first gens rarely bother learning it. They don’t need to.

          As for the US, virtually ALL immigrants will be from countries that are authoritarian and/or socialist. That’s all they know, so they are comfortable with the Democrat agendas, for the most part. Unfortunately, they are also low trust societies, which is not compatible with Western Civilization. Something has to give, and it will be West/Civ that will break, due in large part to immigration.

          1. Immigrants do not assimilate. Unless they are from a very close approximation of the host country, they, and their descendants, will always remain different.

            That must be why I still speak German and eat sausages and kraut for dinner every day.

            1. Because Germany is worlds apart different from France/Italy/England when compared to the differences Africa/ME/Asia and the US. Will’s right and nothing short of a hundred years of forced assimilation can change it.

            2. Germanic tribes were assimilated and civilized by the Romans.

              Germany was the flashpoint for Martin Luther.

              Germany was steeped in the traditions developed during The Renaissance.

              Germany was there for the Enlightenment.

              Germanic thinking influenced, in myriad ways, the founding of this very nation and the strong institutional beliefs in individual rights that arose prior to The Revolution.

              None of these facts apply to societies in South America, the same societies who were still tearing the hearts out of children on top of pyramids half a millennium after the founding of Oxford University.

              South American societies were always primitive, collectivist, and built on a foundation of might makes right, a fact that handily explains South America’s love of various flavors of socialist dictatorship right up to the present day.

              Your paen to multiculturalism is cute, but at least 15 years out of date.

  6. Are we sure the gun-hippies did vote for those politicians, with them running on that issue?

    I mean, Boulder, like Denver, presumably has a lot of ex-Californians who aren’t gun-hippies, moving in to vote for such things.

    And equally, plenty of politicos don’t particularly run on “eww, guns” but then vote against gun rights, no?

  7. “Stop voting for them.”

    What, are you fucking stupid?

    In Colorado, elections have mattered less and less each year since the passage of the mail in ballot law.

    Couple outright vote fraud with a stable of politicians who are addicted to Daddy Bloomberg’s money, massive influxes of Californians and illegal aliens, and a completely feckless state-level GOP, and you can basically put a grave marker in the place where Colorado individualism was finally capped in the back of the head.

    No one here voted for “them.”

    The left showed up, stuffed the ballot box, took the medals from the winners, and declared victory.

    The game is rigged, and no amount of cajoling about “getting out the vote” is going to matter. In fact, your Pollyanna continuation in pushing the traditional narrative that elections actually matter is part of the reason why I’ve more or less given up on reading this site.

    From here on out, elections are just a dog and pony show designed to give those in power a veneer of popular support.

      1. If I had the motherfucking answer, I’d have laid it out for you.

        The last time actual Coloradans flexed their political muscle was when they recalled two Dems and got a third to resign.

        That’s a political tactic that only works when your back is against the wall and you catch your adversary unawares. I have a hard time believing it will work again, especially now that the state has handed over districting rights to a completely unaccountable group of appointed bureaucrats*.

        *Ask Jack Phillips how well that worked out for him.

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